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2020/2021 Canadian U24 Indoor Championships

Virtual racing, brought to you by Alkame Dragon Boat Services

For the first time ever, Alkame is hosting a nationwide indoor championship for U24 athletes! Compete with athletes across the country to see where you stack up.


Due to COVID-19, gone are the days of packing a lecture hall with hundreds of university students to compete in our annual Ontario University Indoor Championships.

This year, we will be holding a “Virtual” Canada-wide Indoor Championships, open to all U24 athletes (not just university students). Registered athletes will have the opportunity to race as many times as they want over a two-week period, and can submit as many entry times as they wish. A running leader board will be available for everyone to view and will be updated daily.

Athletes must race using a KayakPro D1 Ergometre; borrow one from a friend, join a paddle gym, use your own! Paddle anytime, anywhere, and compete with some of the best U24 athletes in our country!

All registered participants will receive a participation medal. The top 3 athletes in each category will receive a premium medal and absolute bragging rights, nationwide.

Event Details:

Saturday, December 19th, 2020 – Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

*All athletes must be registered by 11:59pm on Friday, December 18th to compete

$25.00 per participant

*A portion of each registration fee collected will be donated to Water First Education & Training Inc; helping Indigenous communities across Canada address their water challenges. Visit:

* Alkame Paddle Zone will be offering an unlimited paddling membership for the two-weeks of competition for an additional $25.00. This add-on is available at the time of registration.

Race Details:

Registration is done on an individual basis. Athletes are not required to represent a university, but must be 24 years of age or under as of Dec 31st, 2020.

Athletes are permitted to use any KayakPro D1 Ergometre that they can get their hands on, but are required to paddle using Alkame’s ergometre settings (see below). All athletes will be racing 500m for the best time.

Each athlete can submit as many entries as they wish over the 2-week period. Every day, a running leaderboard will be updated and be available for public viewing on our website.

Submissions will be accepted as of 12:00am (midnight) on Saturday, December 18th, 2020 and the last submission will be accepted at 11:59pm on Sunday, January 3rd, 2021. Winner’s will be announced and the final update of the leaderboard will be completed on Monday, January 4th, 2021. Athletes medals will be mailed throughout January.

Athletes will register to compete in one of the following categories:

  • U24 Women (130lbs+)
  • U24 Lightweight Women (Under 130lbs)
  • U24 Men (170lbs+)
  • U24 Lightweight Men (Under 170lbs)

Athletes will be required to use the following Ergometre settings:

  • Women – 45 kg/60 drag
  • Men – 68 kg/60 drag

For all official details, racing rules and regulations pertaining to this event, please view the Rules & Regs.

Live in Ontario and need somewhere to paddle? Alkame Paddle Zone will be offering a two-week unlimited paddle membership (+$25) to all athletes that register for this virtual event. Sign-up at the time of competition registration, or email if you require further assistance.