Alkame Dragon Boat Services

Turning athletes into GOLD!


Dragon Boat Coaching

Alchemy - Turning base materials into Gold through an elixir of Life!

The concept of 'alchemy' is our organization's driving force and our coaching service is what brings this idea to life.

Alkame currently provides the highest quality coaching services to over 50 teams throughout Ontario. The diversity of teams we coach includes: high school, church, community, corporate, breast cancer survivor, university and high performance dragon boat crews.

Our coaching accomplishments that can be quantified in results include over 70 international medal placements and our accomplishments that can't be quantified includes thousands of healthier people, hundreds of happier individuals, dozens of changed lives and countless unforgettable memories.

Alkame coaches are professional, dependable, charismatic and energetic. Contact us today and we'll find the right coach for you.