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OC & SUP Club

April 22nd - September 30th, 2019

The BEST Outrigger rental opportunity in the GTA!

Outrigger & SUP paddling are the newest form of cross-training utilized by dragon boat paddlers to improve their paddling performance. Outrigger & SUP training and racing circuits are popular all over the world and are dramatically increasing in popularity in Canada. They have also been described by many paddling enthusiasts as the safest and most enjoyable way to spend paddling time.

Outrigger testing is the most popular form of individual on-water assessment by high-performance dragon boat crews in Ontario and across Canada.

Alkame will be providing the opportunity for Outrigger/SUP members to paddle as much as possible throughout the summer season. Membership includes an orientation package. All you have to do is show up and paddle.

Alkame's fleet of boats includes OC-2's, OC-1's and SUP's. Alkame also offers flexible scheduling with 24/7 availability.

How it Works:

  1. Register for your OC package online here
  2. Receive your confirmation via email
  3. Email your desired timeslot(s) to
  4. Go Paddle!


Frenchman's Bay Marina
Pickering, Ontario


Equipment Rental
All Costs apply to Rental of Alkame Outriggers & or SUP's.

$20 cash per seat, per use (if paying in person at time of rental)

$22+HST per seat, per use (if paying online or in advance)

$220+HST Full Membership (includes unlimited sessions)

2018 Alkame OC/SUP Club Season: April 23rd – September 30th

Each session is 90 minutes
All sessions booked on a 1st come 1st served basis

Cash or cheque payable:
Alkame Coaching Services
1383 Fordon Ave
Pickering, Ontario
L1W 1K1

Email Money transfers: (no password required)

Coaching Coached OC Pricing 2018


# of Paddlers # of Sessions Coach Cost
A1 1 Session Alkame Coach $60+HST
S1 Scott Murray $70+HST
A5 5 Sessions Alkame Coach $255+HST
S5 Scott $300+HST
A10 10 Sessions Alkame Coach $480+HST
S10 Scott $560+HST


# of Paddlers # of Sessions Coach Cost
A1D 1 Session Alkame Coach $100+HST
S1D Scott $120+HST
A5D 5 Sessions Alkame Coach $425+HST
S5D Scott $510+HST
A10D 10 sessions Alkame Coach $800+HST
S10D Scott $960+HST


# of Paddlers # of Sessions Coach Cost
A1T 1 Session Alkame Coach $120+HST
S1T Scott $150+HST
A5T 5 Sessions Alkame Coach $510+HST
S5T Scott $640+HST
A10T 10 Sessions Alkame Coach $960+HST
S10T Scott $1200+HST